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Offering you multiple services all within a package, specially hand picked for your event. What ever event style it may be, we got you covered. Browse through the sub menus for the style of event you require. Below is a video link for you to see how the 360 Photo Booth operates.


A new edition to the services we offer here at C4 VIBEZ, our very own 360 Photo Booth.

The 360° Photo Booth - is an experience designed to capture 360° high-resolution videos. Event guests step on a platform where a high-end camera attached to a revolving mechanical arm rotates at high speeds 360 degrees around your guests which is then rendered in a unique style video which features slow motion clips.

This is a MUST have at any event. This is also covered by a Public Liability insurance to give you that  peace of mind.


Not only can we tailor your event, but we can also offer our unique lighting services.


Whether it be for a Marquee, tent, a pathway or even for a hall. We got you covered.

We can bring a Vibez to your event, with custom mood lighting of your choice.

If you need more information on our lighting service. Please enquire via our Contact page.


Do you have an upcoming event that needs planning?

C4 Vibez offer professional Event Planning services - experienced in organizing a wide range of event types. We are here to help you decide what your budget should be and to advise you about how to spend it wisely.

We work with some of the best vendors  Nationwide and offer some of the most gorgeous venues around.

Let's start planning together!

C4 Vibez
Construction Workers Silhouette

Your next event is sure to be an incredible one, thats if you have the right music - This is where C4 Vibez come in!!! We want to make your event a success with music your guests won’t soon forget.


C4 Vibez know the DJ business inside and out, and that means we understand what you need for your next event. We are talented and professional DJ (s) who brings a unique mixture of sounds and musical styles tailored to meet the feel of an event and the tastes of you and your guests.


Looking for beats (Instrumentals)? Look no further. All beats can be purchased on a lease or freehold.


Follow SG C4 on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube and all other major platforms. You can also send us your enquiry via our Contact page.


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