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In 2009, DJ SG (aka SG C4) began his music career when he joined a band of brothers named ' Unrelated Brotherz'. In the beginning, DJ SG's music experience involved networking, being the musical and recording engineer as well as the beat producer.


In 2013, DJ SG was gifted DJ Equipment. Although he did not have much DJing experience, he performed for his parent's birthday party and his musical career developed.

Between 2015 to 2018, he became the resident DJ for all Royal Bank of Scotland Group's corporate events and the events manager together with a co-worker.

In 2020, DJ SG the founder and CEO set up his own event roadshow named C4 VIBEZ. Through its success, DJ SG decided to partner with DJ COBRA, well known for his diverse skills and hosting abilities to bring you the best sounds in all type of music genres.

Fast forward to present, SG still continues to seek hidden talent. Recruiting members to join the C4 Team.


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